Interactive Landing Pages (Best of 2015)

For most of the history of the internet, advertisers have purchased ad space (either statically or dynamically) to feature text, image and video ads. These ads would then direct traffic to a landing page, in hopes of converting the visitor to a opt-in lead or customer.

But perhaps an even more effective option is for the ad inventory itself to be a landing page, housed directly on the publisher’s site. Enter: landing pages as ad media.

A full-on landing page is a more rich experience, and by serving the landing page within the publisher site, there is less dropoff in the funnel by eliminating an extra click.

Some interactive landing pages are coded with full-motion HTML5 and can create a truly engaging user experience. Here are a few examples of organizations that have put out great interactive landing pages in 2015:

  • Adtech New York
  • GameConnection 2015
  • Casual Connect 2015
  • Site Andr

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